Online Master's Degrees
from Syracuse University's
Martin J. Whitman School
of Management

The Whitman School offers the following online master's degree programs that prepare students to succeed in the fast-changing fields of business and accounting:

MBA @ Syracuse

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

This top-ranked online program helps students develop high-level analytical and leadership skills and provides essential networking opportunities.

Accounting @ Syracuse

Master of Science in Professional Accounting

This specialized accounting master's program prepares students from a wide range of backgrounds with the educational requirements they need to sit for the CPA exam in New York and many other states.

Business Analytics @ Syracuse

Master of Science in Business Analytics

This specialized master's in business analytics helps data-driven thinkers develop or sharpen their abilities to interpret complex data and guide their organizations in making more informed and actionable decisions.

Entrepreneurship @ Syracuse

Master of Science in Entrepreneurship

This specialized master's in Entrepreneurship prepares current and aspiring entrepreneurs with the business foundation and networking opportunities to start a new venture, effectively manage a company or innovate within an organization. No GMAT is required to apply.

SupplyChain @ Syracuse

Master of Science in Supply Chain Management

This specialized supply chain master's program prepares students to create efficient supply chains and increase profits for their organization.

Whitman's online programs combine the flexibility of an online format with the quality and collaboration of a top on-campus degree. The programs feature:

Live classes hosted in a face-to-face online classroom

Real-world connections with professors and peers

Self-paced coursework that can be completed 24/7

Unmatched support from the Syracuse community

GMAT waivers for experienced professionals